Q. What does "exclusive" mean in exclusive websets.

A. Websets that are offered as exclusive will not be resold to anyone else in the
form that they are in. I do however use the same elements and backgrounds in
other websets. If you see your "exclusive" webset exactly as is your own, on
another site, please contact me as sometimes people steal them and try to sell
them as their own. All the graphics here are copyrighted.
Conversely, "non-exclusive" websets can be resold to others. I started this
category because so many wanted to purchase exclusive sets and didn't mind


Q. Why do you keep displaying websets that are already sold?

A. I do that because it gives my visitors an idea of the types and styles of graphics
I do. It helps me to find the styles and color choices that my clients are looking for,
too.  Also, during my busiest times I may only have a few websets available.  


Q. Why do you say that you are not taking custom orders?

A. I am usually busy with custom or preparing purchased websets for my clients. It
is my wish to get caught up and add more of my own creations to my website.
Because many of the graphics are hand drawn it takes a very long time to create
them and there is no "we" here. I do best when I can create original graphics from
my own mind and much prefer to do so.


Q. How long will it take for me to get my webset once I purchase it?

A. That depends on how busy I am. I know that people are excited about setting up
their new sites so I try to get them done by the next day or so and usually do. It
may be up to a week, however.


Q. I like one of your websets, but I don't care for the font style?

A. All my graphics can be altered in any way except made larger. Fonts,
backgrounds, element placement can all be changed.


Q. Is there an extra charge to put category names on the buttons?

A. No, that is included. I also keep a blank of your button for future additional
categories. If you have a program that you can do them for yourself, that is


Q. Can I resell my webset?

A. No, you have purchased the right to use Harvest Moon Hill Graphics on your
website for as long as you own your site with the name on your logo.


Q. I emailed you and I did not receive an answer.

A. I have problems off and on with my email...and, unfortunately, if I get a real lot
of emails at one time I can miss some. If I have missed your email I am truly sorry.
Also, it is very important that you provide your correct email address on the web
form, without it I cannot contact you back.


Q. Are you going to be making any more.....(style)?

A. I have a lot of ideas and I hope to get to them all. I have listened to your emails
and will be making sets that reflect what I think that you would like. I will not be
doing custom work until then.

Q: Can I use the graphics I purchase for my business cards?

A: No, web graphics are created in a lower resolution for fast loading, for your
customers perusing your website, than printable graphics. The image will appear
blurry if you try to print them. I do not sell printable graphics.

Thanks for reading this!
All graphics on this site are the property of Harvest Moon Hill
Graphics and may not be used in any way without written consent.