Terms of Use

1. You may use the purchased webset for your own website or  
auction pages, you are purchasing the exclusive rights to use the   graphic package. I reserve the right to use
components in other graphic sets.

2. If you are making a website for a client you may use it just once and solely for that client. I would need to
know that.

3. If you use Harvest Moon Hill Graphics, you must display our name and  provide a text link back to our
website on all pages where the graphics are being displayed.

4. When ordering, please specify exactly what you would like. I can usually change most of the components, in
most ways, but I cannot make them larger.

5. Create-a-Shop (CAS) websets can only be used for that program. Purchase your set and then contact
them for design and hosting. All other websets may be used with any website template (including CAS), If
you need any extras or adjustments for those programs they will be provided for free (within reason :).

6. I will keep a copy of your webset components for one month, please store them in a safe file with backup.

7. All graphics are transferred free via the web, of course.

8. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Each of the graphics on my website are the result of many hours of work and thought. It is
really discouraging to find them being used in an unauthorized way. Please respect that and
follow the term guidelines below.

~Website Graphics or "Websets"~

Purchasing a webset, mini set, or other graphics not sold as a clip art package,
entitles the purchaser to use those graphics as follows:

*On your own website, blog, or auction pages.
*As printed labels or business cards, fliers, etc.

any anyone but the original purchaser.

Any graphics used must show a copyright, link, and credit as follows:
copyright-(year) Harvest Moon Hill Graphics     


~Graphics Clip Art Sets~

Clip art sets are intended for use as follows:

You may:

*Use the graphics to create web graphics for sale or distribution.
*Use the graphics to create craft projects or products for sale.
*Use the graphics to create printed materials for your own use or for sale.

You may not:

*Sell or distribute the graphics packages, in whole or in part, as a package or
individually to anyone else.
*Share the graphics in groups.
*Claim the graphics as your own work.
*Use with a third party printer or Zazzle type companies.

Wherever the graphics you purchase are displayed on the web or printed, with the
exception of printed craft products, there must be a copyright (same as above), link
to my website, and credit


Thanks for reading this!