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~Clip Art Packages~
Copyright 2007-2017 Harvest Moon Hill Graphics.
All rights reserved.
All graphics on this site are the property of Harvest Moon Hill
Graphics and may not be used in any way without written consent.

Graphics will be delivered via email in a zip file (specify .gif, jpg or .png) for you to  use in your PSP or Photoshop programs. Please read the terms of use
*You must provide a link and credit back wherever these graphics are used commercially, with the exception of craft items.

*You may not resell nor give away the graphics in the same form as you receive them (as a package or individually). They must be used as part of
something, ie: a webset, tags, biz cards, etc.

*These graphics may not be  used with a third party printing company, mass production (200+ pieces, or in Zazzle type, printed mechandise marketing.
~Pink 'n' Sweet~
Collection is: sign, hot pad and mitt, cupcake,
cookies, cake on stand, and sprinkles.

~Prim Bowls~

~Primitive Kitchen~
Collection includes: cook stove, kitchen
table, three, same-sized canisters-flour,
sugar, salt, and rolling pin (add your own
~Vintage Botanicals~Insects

~Vintage Botanicals~Mushrooms

~Vintage Flowers~

~Homespun Winter~

This set includes: Snowman, stocking,
frame, homespun star, tree, and

~Christmas #1~

This set includes: Santa, snowman
~Christmas #2~

This set includes a peeking snowman,
tree star, and holiday pantry box set.


~Christmas #3~
This set includes a fireplace, 3 feather
trees, and hot cocoa.


~Holly Wreath~

~Winter Fun~
This set includes: sledding child, two
signs, "skating party" & sledding party",
snowflake patch mitten, ice skate, and
blue and white berry sprig.

~Three Large Stocking Tags~


~Festive Christmas Tree
Collection ~

~Prim Houses~
and trees.


~Prim Stuff #1~

~Sparrow Hollow Package~
Collection includes: birdhouse, nest
w/eggs (as one unit), prim sparrow, and
three mushrooms.

~Prim Stuff #2~

~Prim Package #4~
Collection includes: woolie sheep,
candle pan,  prim crow, crock, and
berry sprig.
~Prim Candles~
Collection includes: 3 jar candles,
candleberry post, tapers, electric taper,
~Strawberries Package~

Collection is: Jam jar, creamer, berry
basket, large individual strawberry, and
strawbery sign.

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